Take a Private Escorted Tour of Perth to See the Sights

Whether you’re looking for an adventure for the entire family or for an adult crowd Perth escorts can help you find it. There are a number of different attractions available in the area. Whether you like parks and nature or modernity and the great indoors you can experience it. Your tour guide will know just what to show you. You’ll also have the freedom to make some of your own requests. If you have children you’re definitely going to love these sights but adults alone will like them too.

SciTech Adventure


This is a scientific adventure for children of all ages. You will be able to see shows in the planetarium and learn more about science. For young kids there are puppet shows as well as theatres. Enjoy the museum itself as well. There is plenty to explore and more science than you could imagine. It’s all available to you and your family no matter how long you stay in the city.

Aquarium of Western Australia

If you love fish and sea creatures then you’re going to love this. Explore the world under the sea from sharks and seahorses to fish and everything in between. There are plenty of animals and underwater plants as well. You’ll even be able to see shows and experience the wildlife in entirely new ways. If you’re really feeling adventurous you can even swim with the sharks.

Western Australian Museum

Modernity and antiques combine at this museum. You will find plenty of modern art. You will also find plenty of ancient artifacts. Be sure to check out everything there is to offer. You will not be disappointed in what you find. Your family will all have something to enjoy. You will love the exhibits and special attractions going on as well.

Perth Zoo

This zoo is home to thousands of different animals. It is also home to plenty of different plants. You’ll be able to explore and help your family to do so as well. Everyone can pick out their favorite animals of the day. Some you can even pet and feed.

If you’re looking for things to do in Perth then your Perth escorts will be able to help you. They can point out the best sights and the best experiences. Everyone in your family will enjoy themselves. That’s what a vacation is all about after all. Don’t miss out on all the fun that Perth has to offer your entire family.

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Top Perth Museums

If you’re the type of person who really likes art you’ll want to see the museums. When you’re traveling there are often a number of museums around. Traveling to Perth museums is a can’t miss experience for your entire family. You will be able to see and experience art. You will also be able to see more history than ever before. There are a number of different museums in the area for different interests. Keep your family entertained with each one. Don’t miss the styles available to you.

Western Australian Museum


This museum is home to some of the country’s best treasures. It has some art from around the world. It’s also home to special collections on zoology and shipwrecks. No matter what you are interested in you will find it at this museum. There is a little bit of everything around. With a variety of different exhibits and collections there is always something new to see. You will never get the same experience twice. You will also never get bored with this beautiful museum and its exhibits.

Perth Museum & Art Gallery

Featuring some of the best art in the area this museum is perfect for your family. It has plenty of exhibits and is completely free. Great for children who are just getting interested in art it has a comfortable atmosphere. There is plenty of interesting art collections throughout this museum. There are also many different pieces from the history of the country and others. You will learn a lot about the world by walking through this gallery. You will also experience more in Perth museums than you think.

The Fergusson Gallery

This gallery is also entirely free. Open to anyone almost every day of the year it has a wide range of exhibits. There is enough to attract and entrance the entire family. You won’t be able to stop coming back. Anyone who has visited this gallery knows what it has to offer. They also know why it’s so special. The goal is to keep the atmosphere relaxed and open.

For those who love art and history there are museums galore. Perth is a hub of artistic places. It’s also a place to enjoy your own creativity. Make sure you visit each of these museums. Make sure you check for the rest as well. This is by far not the only museums available to you when you travel to Perth.

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Don’t’ Miss Marmion Marine Park When You Visit Perth

If you are planning a trip to the beautiful city of Perth there are a few sites that you can’t afford to miss. There’s the Fraser Avenue Lookout for a great view of Perth and the Swan River. For those looking for a serene oasis you can always visit the Queens Gardens. And, for an up close and personal experience with native Australian animals you can visit the Cohuna Koala Park. Whatever your interests may be there is one place you can’t afford to miss when visiting Perth. Stretching from Trigg Island to Burns Beach is an aquatic sanctuary called Marmion Marine Park.

Explore Perth’s Submerged Wonders

Marmion Park was established in 1987 as the first marine park in Western Australia. It contains an abundance of marine life and birds that inhabit the small islands, reefs and lagoons within the park. You can find dolphins, rays, sea lions and more. If you go between the months of September and December you can spot humpback whales who are migrating for the season. For a closer look you can hop on a tour at the nearby Hillary’s Boat Harbour to go whale watching.

It is the Perfect Dive Spot

A few of the things the park is known for are the reefs, shallow lagoons, and small islands. This make’s it a diver’s paradise. It is full of caves, ledges and swim through that are inhabited by a wonderful variety of fish and invertebrates. Two of the top diving spots at the park are Little island and North Lump. Little Island is an underwater nature trail that is great for snorkeling and scuba diving. While North Lump is for the slightly more experienced with caves and tunnels to explore. For the beginning snorkeler you can visit novice-friendly snorkel spots you can access from the beach.

Pull Up a Chair and Fish

If snorkeling or scuba diving aren’t your thing you can grab a chair and throw in a line from one of the designated fishing spots. These spots are filled with all kinds of fish and you can find yourself hooking some herring, tailor, or skippy. You can even catch rock lobsters, crabs and abalones. Or you can join a fishing charter and head out to deeper waters for the bigger fish.

Whatever your interests are you are sure to find something that you can enjoy at the Marmion Marine Park. So don’t go visiting Perth without taking the time to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


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Is There Public Transportation in Perth?

When travelling in Perth it is very important to know about all the various ways you can get around. Perth uses a variety of transportation methods ranging from cars to trains to ferries and more. Two major freeways meet within the city joining the northern and southern suburbs. The Kwinana freeway runs south of the city while the Mitchell freeway runs north of the city. By using the Perth transportation system you can easily reach from one end of the city to the other.

What is the Public Transportation in Perth Like?

Transperth is a system that was designed to manage all of the public transportation options available in Perth. This means that all of the trains, buses, and ferries all complement each other perfectly. You can also get around Perth by using their CAT (central area transport) service. This is a free bus service that operates around the central business district. In the central area of the city you will find a free transit zone which e110allows commuters to travel either on a bus or a train for free. This service is available every day of the week and goes from Kings Park to the Causeway as well as from Northbridge to the Swan River.

Types of Perth Transportation


CAT Bus Services

This is a free bus service that runs around the CBD, central business district, Fremantle, and Joondalup.

Suburban Public Transport

This is a clean and safe train or bus service run by Transperth that operates both day and night. After 7pm two transit guards travel on every train to make sure commuters are safe.


Trains in Perth run from 5am to midnight, with very limited options after midnight. During the day you can catch one running every fifteen minutes but after 7:30pm they are reduced to running every 30 minutes.


Buses in Perth are always running although the times may vary depending on the route you are taking. Not all buses have weekend services. But you can always expect to see some form of public transportation service available. Although you may have to walk a little further and/or wait a bit longer than usual.

If you plan on traveling in Perth but have a disability don’t worry. People who are over a certain age or who have a disability get to ride any public transportation options free of charge. So, no matter where you need to get to in Perth know that there are plenty of public transportation options available.


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Highlight Of The Year: The Perth International Arts Festival

Apart from stunning beaches and natural attractions, Perth also features one of the best international art festivals in the world. Perth International Arts Festival takes place from February 13 – March 7 on a yearly basis. The films portion of the festival is November 24 – April 12. If you plan on being in Perth during those times of year, then the festival is certainly an attraction that you don’t want to miss. To give you an idea of what is in store, below is an overview of all of the exciting events that take place.

The Giants Story


If you’ve never seen giants gallivanting through the street in an incredible parade that sets out to describe an interesting and intricate story, then now is your chance. This year, Perth will have giant structures of humans and other items running through its streets. The parade is done to tell a story that coincides with the festive nature of art. This particular event is completely free and ideal for families.

Madame Butterfly

For those of you who have never heard of Madam Butterfly, it is the riveting love story set in Japan. This opera is accompanied by stunning music, vibrant art, and a world-class cast. This award winning opera is one that you don’t want to miss. It’s being held from February 24 to March 7.

Mozart Dances

Another event that art and music lovers will be fascinated with is the Mozart Dances. The Mozart Dances is a performance by the famous New York Dance Company. Their masterful work, enthralls, and uplifts will leave you in awe and pleased that you took the opportunity to see the show.

Chevron Festival Gardens

Another featured event this year is the Chevron Festival Gardens, sponsored by Chevron Company. It is the perfect event to take advantage of during the summer evenings, and this year the backyard-style festival vibe is where you’ll find some interesting live-performances, delicious food, social opportunities, and more. This event had been a favorite of the international festival for the past three years. However, this year is unfortunately the final year the event will take place. So if you are in Perth this year, don’t forget to stop by and enjoy the long summer evenings with friends and family as you eat good food and listen to some great live performances by world DJs and local artists.

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